Capturing Bee Venom

This innovation has been designed by our apiarist to meet three criteria:

Bee Welfare and Sustainability

Our research informed us that customers wanted to ensure the bees were not hurt or mortality increased.

Mobility – Easy to Use

Our system enables the catering pads be easily connected to the hive no matter where they are located. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, apiarists and/or land owners can receive income. Our design sees the capturing system powered by solar.

Commercial Utility

This system is being patented and provides the Company the opportunity to optimize the utility by internationalizing via licensee or similar agreements.

The characteristics of our bee venom capturing system include:

  • 100% HoneyLab Innovation
  • Solar Driven
  • NZ Designed and Manufactured
  • Supplements honey income with venom income
  • Bee welfare is critical
  • HoneyLab milks bees for venom sustainably
  • System does not harm bees.

Did you know:

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