HoneyLab’s fundamental value proposition is to develop scientifically robust, sustainable products with proven efficacy for treating topical conditions using pharmaceutical-grade kanuka honey and bee venom.

There are a number of reasons why HoneyLab can develop strong selling OTC pharmanatural medicines, including:

  1. OTC product regulatory approvals are far easier than for prescription medicines
  2. There are no known side effects from the use of honey topically
  3. It can be combined with other active ingredients to increase efficacy and/or extend patent life
  4. There is an increasing problem with antibiotic resistance but honey has multiple methods of action and therefore bacterial resistance is very unlikely
  5. Consumers are increasingly demanding natural products instead of synthetic chemicals
  6. The raw materials can be sourced in high volumes at consistent biologic levels to fulfill global demand.

The Core Foundation To Creating Value Is Through Clinical Trials

HoneyLab uses independent and trusted clinical researchers to undertake the clinical trials.

HoneyLab’s main research partners are the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand. Led by world-famous medical researcher Professor Richard Beasley, the Institute are an independent medical research organisation whose scientists are dedicated to investigating the causes of important public health problems.

HoneyLab also have an academic partnership with the world-famous Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA. HoneyLab Science Director Dr. Shaun Holt has lectured there on the medical uses of bee products, and we have an ongoing relationship with the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Department, including peer-review of our study protocols.

Other partners include:

  • General Practitioners in New Zealand & Netherlands
  • Māori Public Health Organisations


Founded in late 2009, HoneyLab is a privately held New Zealand registered and owned company. The founders, Dr Shaun Holt and Laurence Greig, still hold the majority of the business. The company has attracted a range of high net worth individuals, Maori trusts and suppliers as investors into the business over the past 3 years.

HoneyLab is a pharmaceutical company with a difference in that we have products with strong scientific evidence of efficacy, but as they are safe natural products, they can be sold to consumers without the need for a prescription and without the need for lengthy regulatory approvals. This enables product sales at a much earlier stage.

The overall core of commercial strategy is to license our products and technologies to major globally branded product consumer healthcare companies and we are in negotiations with a number of these at the moment.

We have had NZ Government support from:

  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for in market commercialisation activities.
  • Callaghan Innovation for some of our R&D activities.

HoneyLab would welcome approaches from parties interested in investing in the company and helping us on our commercial path.

Individuals or companies interested in this should either contact HoneyLab or Northington Partners (+64 9 913 4600).

We also welcome approaches from major pharmaceutical companies and consumer healthcare companies interested in potential co-development of products using our technology and clinical expertise.

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