Honevo® is the pharmaceutical honey that provides skin condition sufferers with natural, clinically-proven topical treatments. With specific products for treating acne, rosacea and nappy rash, Honevo’s unique formulation of kanuka honey combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.

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Honevo skin care products all contain the same strong kanuka honey formulation, however are boxed and labelled differently so that users can choose a product which is appropriately named, with specific application instructions for the condition.

Kanu Bee Venom®

Kanu Bee Venom® is HoneyLab’s bee venom anti-ageing product. It is 100% natural and consists Vetox®, a unique high-strength formulation bee venom, kānuka honey, with Ecocert polymer and preservative plus distilled water to give the consistency and stability. It is available as a serum, gel, eye lift & lip plumper.

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Rubeeven® is HoneyLab’s patented combination of capsaicin and bee venom. Capsaicin is proven to reduce pain, partly by creating heat and increasing blood flow. It is thought that it works synergistically with the bee venom, with the extra blood flow increasing the absorption of the anti-inflammatory bee venom.

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Melzest is novel complete, convenient and natural solution for the relief of the symptoms of coughs and colds. Melzest brings the classic “honey & lemon” cold treatment into the 21st century, a “Version 2,0”, dispensing the correct dosage of known cold-fighting components to the whole family, from one modern container. Natural, safe and it tastes delicious!

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