Honeylab licenses products to US pharmaceutical company

New Zealand Company HoneyLab today announced that they have licensed seven products to Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. (“Taro”), a subsidiary of Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. (NYSE: Taro). The licence agreement covers the territories of USA, Canada and Israel and includes: Honevo, a patented topical kanuka honey formulation for the treatment [...]

2020-08-21T13:24:17+12:0021 August 2020|

Honevo Products on Medsafe WAND database for Medical Devices

HoneyLab is pleased to announce that three of our products – Honevo Rosacea, Honevo Acne and Honevo Cold Sore - have been listed on the Medsafe WAND database for Medical Devices. This means we can now change these product names from Honevo Red and Honevo Sore Lip to Honevo Rosacea and [...]

2020-04-02T16:13:26+13:001 April 2020|

Honeylab and Actinic Keratoses

HoneyLab have been getting lots of messages about whether Honevo can help with actinic keratoses. Also known as solar keratoses, these are rough, scaly patches on the skin that develop from years of exposure to the sun. They are usually found on the face, lips, ears, back of the hands, [...]

2020-01-29T11:21:58+13:0029 January 2020|

Give honey and lemon, not OTC cough medicines, to children with coughs, says leading paediatrician

Cough medicines can be toxic and children are better off being treated with plain old honey and lemon and plenty of rest, a leading paediatrician has advised. Children with troublesome coughs should be treated with ‘old-fashioned’ honey and lemon rather than over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines, a leading paediatrician has advised. [...]

2019-06-10T09:38:20+12:007 December 2017|

Global Honey Market Revenue Predicted To Go Up by 2016 – 2022

Retaining the sweetness in food products & beverages has become a rugged task for manufacturers as consumers continue to be skeptical about the genuineness of such sugars. More and more people in the world are victims of diabetes, urging F&B companies to cautiously include artificial sweeteners as well as natural [...]

2019-06-10T09:38:23+12:0019 December 2016|

HoneyLab on Radio NZ

HoneyLab also featured on Radio NZ in November when Kim Hill spoke to Professor Richard Beasley about asthma, paracetamol, antibiotics, facial redness and more. A very informative listen. You can hear the interview here.

2019-06-10T09:38:24+12:0014 December 2016|

Richard Beasley given Royal Society medical research award

A Wellington man has been awarded a prestigious science medal for his medical research. His work has helped reduce asthma-related deaths and could help open up a new multibillion-dollar opportunity. New Zealand has one of the world's highest rates of asthma, which can be deadly. Four people died in Melbourne [...]

2019-06-10T09:38:25+12:0026 November 2016|

Cold sores under attack from bees

Cold sores, the unsightly social occasion killer. But a Tauranga healthcare entrepreneur believes he's on the brink of bringing relief to sufferers with medical grade honey. And in doing so, grabbing a slice of an international market valued at hundreds of millions of dollars a year. “We're not just seeing [...]

2019-06-10T09:38:28+12:0021 October 2016|

Honevo Rosacea featured in Wendyl Nissen’s blog

Prominent New Zealand journalist, editor, blogger and commentator Wendyl Nissen wrote a blog post about her success when using our kanuka honey formulation for her facial redness. "...The first thing I noticed was that my skin really loved it and was very soft. Then gradually the redness cleared and now [...]

2019-06-10T09:38:29+12:007 July 2016|
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