HoneyLab have been getting lots of messages about whether Honevo can help with actinic keratoses. Also known as solar keratoses, these are rough, scaly patches on the skin that develop from years of exposure to the sun. They are usually found on the face, lips, ears, back of the hands, forearms, scalp and neck. A small percentage of actinic keratosis lesions can eventually become skin cancer.

There is one case report in the medical literature of a patient using Honevo to successfully treat this condition1. In addition, HoneyLab have received a number of emails from customers who have used Honevo for this condition with success.

HoneyLab are planning a formal clinical study of Honevo for this condition. In the meantime, if customers want to try Honevo as a treatment for their actinic keratoses then they can order any of the Honevo products (they are the same formulation) and try it. However, please be aware that Honevo has not been proven to be effective for this condition and that they should always discuss the management of skin lesions with their doctor.


  1. Mane, S., Singer, J., Corin, A., & Semprini, A. (2018). Successful Treatment of Actinic Keratosis with Kanuka Honey. Case reports in dermatological medicine, 2018.