A new, scientifically proven, high strength formulation bee venom, created by international complementary medicines expert Professor Shaun Holt, was launched today.

Made using a powerful formulation bee venom called Vetox®, the new product, Kanu Bee Venom® – dubbed “nature’s best defence against ageing” – has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles within five days on 90% of women in clinical trials. The product is now available for online sales at www.kanubeevenom.com.

Professor Holt, a world-leading researcher in alternative therapies, who has developed medicines for some of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies and is the bestselling author of Natural Remedies That Really Work, began testing bee venom as an anti-ageing therapy after claims of its success overseas.

“At the time, we were seeing promising results in my trials on bee venom used for medical conditions, and was intrigued by the news stories on its use on wrinkles. We began testing it as we would any new pharmaceutical medicine,” says Professor Holt.

“What I found was that this specific formulation, that we have called Vetox®, produced incredible results within five days on 90% of the women trialled. This was significantly more effective than other bee venom products currently on the shelves. We went on to test head-to-head against other leading anti-ageing products and our formulation performed faster and more effectively.

The New Zealand company behind Kanu – HoneyLab Ltd – was founded by Professor Holt and businessman Laurence Greig in 2009. Dedicated to developing natural, high-value pharmaceutical products, HoneyLab has already attracted investment through Wellington-based business development consultancy firm, Fomana Capital, and secured former managing director of cosmetics giant L’Oréal New Zealand, Frances Stead, as a director.

“I came on board because I believe HoneyLab has a unique position in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic space and Kanu is an exciting product with real science behind it,” says Director Frances Stead.

“Kanu is going to transform the way women look at anti-ageing beauty treatments – providing a natural alternative founded in science.”

Kanu sources venom from its own hives located in the Bay of Plenty, using its patented venom collectors designed by apiarist David Hayes.

“The health and well-being of our bees is our foremost concern. Our collectors are specifically designed to efficiently accumulate bee venom while maintaining healthy hives and happy bees,” says apiarist David Hayes.