HoneyLab announce the successful completion of phase 3 trials of their medical-grade kanuka honey formulation Honevo®, for facial redness and acne. The trials were undertaken by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand.

Each trial involved around 140 people.

The facial redness study is undergoing its final data analysis before the results are published in a major international medical journal. The study has also been submitted for presentation at two upcoming major international dermatology conferences.

Rosacea is a common, difficult to treat condition, and people with it have red areas on the face, with or without pimples. HoneyLab Science Director, Dr. Shaun Holt, said that he believes that pharmaceutical companies will be interested in licensing the products when the results are published.

HoneyLab has already commenced confidential discussions with several major brand pharmaceutical companies and will be participating in the upcoming Bio-Network (USA) and BIO-Europe (Germany) pharmaceutical partnering events, showcasing the clinical study results.