Canterbury Stockists

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Life Pharmacy Northlands
Life Pharmacy Rangiora
Life Pharmacy The Palms
Bishopdale Pharmacy Ltd
Hammersley Pharmacy
Harleys Pharmacy
Life Pharmacy Ashburton
Life Pharmacy Barringtons
Life Pharmacy Hornby
Life Pharmacy Merivale
Life Pharmacy Riccarton
Marshall’s Health

Pharmville St Albans Pharmacy
Rangiora Health 2000
Temuka Pharmacy 2012 Ltd
Unichem Bishopdale Pharmacy
Unichem Fenwicks Pharmacy
Unichem Medical Corner Pharmacy
Unichem Moorhouse Pharmacy
Unichem Parklands Pharmacy
Unichem Riccarton Clinic Pharmacy
Unichem Stantons Pharmacy
Unichem Timaru Pharmacy

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