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HoneyLab undertake research into the medical uses of honey, bee venom and other products from bees and their environment. By doing this we can show that our products are as effective and safe as pharmaceutical medicines, despite them being natural products – therefore we call our products PharmaNaturals.

The main focus of our research is the use of our patented medical-grade kanuka honey formulation Honevo, which we have shown to be effective for a number of common medical conditions.

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Our natural products are derived from kanuka honey, bee venom and other products from bees and their environment. They can be used for a range of medical conditions, including acne, rosacea, cold sores and pain relief, and even for cosmetic purposes, such as the Kanu anti-ageing products.

Our products are available globally directly from us online, and New Zealand customers can buy or order them at Unichem and Life Pharmacies. Find a store closest to you here –


HoneyLab are undertaking by far the world’s largest programme of medical research into the health benefits of honey. Not only that, but we are improving on nature itself, with our Honevo formulation solving the age-old issue of honey being too hard or too runny to apply to the skin, by being a smooth consistency all the time.

Almost all of our resources are used for research and development of new and existing products and technology for use in consumer healthcare products.

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Popular Products

Honevo Rosacea

Provides rapid relief from redness in the affected areas of the face. Clinical trials of Honevo has found that 80% of users report less redness in under two weeks.

The patented Honevo formulation is created with pharmaceutical-grade Kanuka honey. Completely natural, Honevo combines powerful antibacterial activity with deep moisturising.


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